Getting Around Campus: All The Ways Your Child Can Maneuver About

Now that classes have started up and your child has to start getting back and forth to campus, the reality of doing it every day, rain or shine, becomes much more present.

The first rainy, snowy, or even icy day isn’t far off, and the university isn’t going to shut down just because the students...

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Why Location Matters When Picking Your Child’s First Apartment

The time has finally come: your child is ready to live on their own in their first college apartment.

While the dorms may have prepared them for being away from home, living in an apartment is a totally different deal—preparing meals, cleaning, and (sometimes) furnishing the place is now...

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It’ll Be Okay: How To Preserve Peace of Mind While Your Child Lives Their Life

It’s finally all said and done: your child has moved out, leaving you with an empty nest. What are you supposed to do now? 

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Safety Tips For Living At College

When you’re away at college, you may start to feel more independent and less likely to rely on others for help.

After all, living on your own and being responsible for your wants and needs basically means you can take care of yourself, right?

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Advice For Your Student’s First Solo Grocery Store Trip

Wouldn’t it be nice if apartments came with a stocked fridge?

Unfortunately, it seems like that’s going to be another responsibility your child has to tackle on their own.

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What Your Child Needs To Know About Living With Roommates

As a parent, it can be a little daunting knowing that your child will be living on their own in an apartment for the first time.

It may be a little weird at first, but your child will make the transition just fine.

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Nickel and Dimed: The Hidden Costs Of Renting An Apartment

Paying rent for an apartment is expensive on its own, but what about the things you may not consider when you sign the lease?

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What You Need To Know About Your Child’s First Apartment Lease

If you’ve never had to rent an apartment before, whether it be for yourself or for your child, understanding the little details about a lease is crucial when deciding where would be best for your child to live.

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What Furnishings Do I Need To Provide My Student With?

It’s almost that time of the school year—move-in!

The day that parents have been dreading and kids have been waiting for.

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My Child Is Moving Out Of The Dorms. How Much Does An Apartment Cost?

It’s finally time--your child is ready to live completely on their own in their first apartment as an adult!

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