5 Key Things To Look For In Apartment Locations

Apartment-hunting is like house-hunting—location, location, location (among other things).

As a student, it’s important to think about why your apartment’s location is crucial in your decision-making process.

Asking about location is key, whether you research by yourself or you ask your...

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School vs. Nightlife: Answer These Questions Before Choosing an Apartment

When you’re on the hunt for a place to live, you’ll want to come home to somewhere that suits your personality and your needs.

The apartment's amenities, the parking, and location are all important factors when choosing where you’ll want to live for the next two or so years.

As a student,...

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6 Safety Tips for Traveling To and From Campus

Campus is your home. It’s the place you can go where you know you’ll be among friends.

No matter what, there’s always something eerie about being alone in the dark—especially on a wide open quad.

If you’re leaving class or an event late, and it’s already dark (curse you, daylight savings!), then...

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Make Sure Your Apartment is Close Enough to These 4 Things

When choosing an apartment, you’ll likely have a preference as to where you’d like to live in relation to other attractions. If you want to live near friends, that’s one main influence. Or maybe you want to live near work so you won’t have to commute when you’re scheduled to go in.

No matter...

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5 Ways First Site Uses Technology to Make Your Life Easier

It’s the 21st century, and while some places are still catching up with the times, First Site is up to date!

If you rent from First Site, you’ll have the fortune of being able to get updates and reminders about important information anywhere you go (you can even pay your rent from your phone).


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What Is The First Site Experience? Customer Service You Can Depend On

You’ve probably heard the slogan thrown around: “Live First Site.”

But what does it mean to live with First Site? Why should you sign your apartment with us, the place you’re going to call home for the next two (or more) years? What do we have to offer?

We have the whole package to offer....

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What To Do When You Have A Problem At First Site

Imagine these scenarios:

  1. It’s the middle of summer and you have ants in your kitchen.
  2. It’s the dead of winter and your heat goes out
  3. It’s been raining for three days straight and you’re catching water in pots and pans.

These sound like a nightmare!

Luckily, with our maintenance services and ...

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What To Expect From First Site on Move-In Day

Well, it’s official. You’ve signed the lease, picked up the keys, and have started loading your car with all the essentials of living the college life. You’ve been waiting for so long to move out of your parents' house, or that dorm you’ve been trapped in for the last two years.

But with moving...

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Bring Your Roommate: 6 Campus Activities to Bond Over

If you want a happy partnership, you’re going to need to bond.

And to bond, you’ll need to spend time together (outside of the apartment!).

But what is there to do? Well, if you’re near a college campus, there’s always something going on. And if you live further off campus to the point where...

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How to Set Up a Chore Chart For Your Apartment

Living with someone means sharing your life with them.

You share Sunday breakfast, cold winter nights, and 3 a.m. homework marathons.

It also means you share something more intimate, something that no one likes talking about: chores. And everybody knows you have to do it in order to maintain any...

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