What Does an Apartment Cost in Bloomington-Normal?

If you’ve chosen to live in Bloomington-Normal, congratulations. You’ve made a great choice.

More than 132,000 people live in the area, which boasts dozens of great places to eat, opportunities for the arts and theater, sporting events, recreation, and, of course, some amazing places to shop.


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Apartment Living Can Be More Affordable Than Dorm Life

You may think that living in the dorms is the cheapest option for room and board while you’re at school.

However, living in an apartment is typically more cost-effective than living in a dorm.

Here are the factors you need to check before making your decision.

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Budget vs. Luxury Apartments: What to Expect in Each Price Range

The most important thing about choosing an apartment is whether you can cover rent.

In this post, you’ll learn how to create a simple budget, and what factors to consider when looking at budget-friendly apartments compared to more luxurious apartments.

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How to Find Hidden Value in Student Housing

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