What To Do When You Have A Problem At First Site


Imagine these scenarios:

  1. It’s the middle of summer and you have ants in your kitchen.
  2. It’s the dead of winter and your heat goes out
  3. It’s been raining for three days straight and you’re catching water in pots and pans.

These sound like a nightmare!

Luckily, with our maintenance services and customer service, you won’t have to worry about these things happening!

We have been consistently ranked as one of the best rental companies in the Bloomington/Normal area, and we complete our maintenance requests within 24 hours.

So when you have a problem, what are some steps you can take to get it fixed ASAP?

Step 1: Figure Out What The Cause Is

Sometimes, it can be an easy problem to see: a leaky faucet, a cold apartment, or a cracked sink.

Whatever it is, you shouldn’t have to deal with it yourself. You rent from US, so let US take care of it!


Step 2: Determine Whether Or Not It’s An Emergency

A broken lightbulb or a leaky faucet can wait until convenient, but if your heat goes out and it’s subzero outside, CALL IMMEDIATELY, no matter what day or time it is! You don’t want your pipes to burst in the apartment, and you surely can’t live comfortably if your kitchen is 30 degrees.

Let us know ASAP, and we can get a team out to repair the issue before it gets worse.

Remember: We will have the project completed within 24 hours of the work order being placed. 

Step 3: Let Us Do The Work

Now that you’ve called maintenance, the hard part is over. We can take care of it from here.

If it happens to be a day when you have class or work, that’s okay, too! We can come fix the issue if your apartment is empty so you can return to a warm, secure, functioning home.

Step 4: Rate Us!

After we finish doing maintenance for you, fill out a review of how we did and send it to us! We appreciate your feedback and we’d like to know if we can improve anything for our other residents. (While this is optional, we recommend you complete this step so we know if we did satisfactory work.)

Plus, your review will help boost your rewards in our resident portal. 

If you have an issue with your apartment or the grounds, including community areas like elevators, common spaces, laundry, parking lots (other than towing), or hallways, call us at (309) 452-9283, even if it's after hours. You can also go to the resident portal online to schedule a maintenance visit at your leisure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Schedule an appointment with First Site!