Bring Your Roommate: 6 Campus Activities to Bond Over


If you want a happy partnership, you’re going to need to bond.

And to bond, you’ll need to spend time together (outside of the apartment!).

But what is there to do? Well, if you’re near a college campus, there’s always something going on. And if you live further off campus to the point where you’d have to drive, that’s okay—there’s still plenty to do in town that takes you back to campus.

Here’s six different activities that can get you (and your roommate) involved!

1. Go To A Play Or Theater Production

If you’re looking for some evening entertainment, consider checking out what the theater is showing (and, if you’re lucky, you may even know some of the actors).

That’s an easy and relatively inexpensive way to spend a little time together, and live action is almost always better than seeing a film.


2. Join An Organization Together

This is really easy and fun, especially if you and your roommate share a major or have common interests.

If you’re both English majors or like reading, there’s probably some type of literary journal you can work with that would be interesting for both of you (Illinois State University offers Euphemism, open to any major).

Or, if you just share general interests, not necessarily academic, find something recreational like a club devoted to games, the outdoors, or food.

Get involved!


3. Get Work Done At The Library

You’re probably neglecting homework right now to read this article, so why not message your roommate and ask them to join you at the library for a study session?


It’s productive, free, and social!

Plus, it gets you out of your apartment and enables you to get into that working mindset, which may help you to concentrate.


4. Share A (Free) Meal

Sometimes there’s food being handed out when you’re walking to class, and sometimes it’s free. (As we all know, free food is the best food.)

Don’t let your roommate miss out though—tell them to join you for a free slice of pizza or some cookies! But when you’re not blessed with free food, get a meal at the dining center. Ask them how their day is going, and just take a load off.

You both deserve it!


5. Work Out Together

Let’s be real: you’ve been meaning to work out, but you just haven’t had the time (or maybe the motivation).

Either way, you can budget an hour or two to spend time with your roommate, and they can tell you just what you need to hear:

“You got this! I believe in you!”


It’s something you can both do together, plus you have an automatic spotter if you want to try lifting weights. It’s good bonding time, and your body will thank you after. (Perhaps you’ll both complain about how sore you are the next day, too.)


6. Go To University-Sponsored Events

Your college is most likely always putting something on, whether it be a concert, movie event, athletic event, trivia game, or something for professional development.

No one wants to go alone, so grab your roommate!


It gives you a great opportunity to bond and do something fun (and maybe win a prize!).

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