5 Ways First Site Uses Technology to Make Your Life Easier


It’s the 21st century, and while some places are still catching up with the times, First Site is up to date!

If you rent from First Site, you’ll have the fortune of being able to get updates and reminders about important information anywhere you go (you can even pay your rent from your phone).

Here’s a few of the ways we’re striving to offer award-winning customer service to make your life easier by using technology in all of its glory!


1. Emails

In college, it seems like 90 percent of what you do is check your email or receive emails.


So why not receive them from us when it comes to the important stuff?

We don’t clutter your inbox with message after message (unless we have to!) because we understand that you have other messages to read. But we do send them out, so if you check your inbox frequently, you’ll be up to date with important info!


2. Texts

For some people, checking email isn’t a priority and it only gets done once every few days. But, text messages get opened much quicker, and they can appear on your screen so you don’t have to fumble with your phone to read what we have to say.

First Site uses texting by sending you highly important updates so you get them FIRST (like telling you the water will be temporarily shut off for repair). We care about your comfort and value your support, so we try to give back by making your life easier with timely updates!


3. Online Payment Portal

Let's say you’re at home over a holiday break and you can’t make it to the leasing office to pay your rent, and it’s due tomorrow.


Luckily with First Site, you can pay your rent (or other charges) online, from anywhere! On the train, in the car with your mom, or from several states away, it’s a convenient and easy way to make sure your payments are in on time.


4. Maintenance Portal

Maybe you've figured out that your smoke detector needs a new battery, or your air conditioner needs a new filter.

These are things that you could call maintenance to fix during the week, or you could go online and submit a work order! Going online eliminates the need to call, and it puts the request in just the same.

It’s nice for little fixes that don’t need attention right away, but are still important to take care of. You can do this anywhere, anytime!


5. Social Media Updates

If you follow our pages on social media, you’ll receive updates as to leasing opportunities and (maybe) a chance to win swag when we have events! We also post important information pertaining to move-in and when you’re able to do so, so by following us, you’ll be able to receive information on this just by scrolling through your news feed!

By signing with us and opting in to receive these messages from us, you’ll be able to get all the latest news that will help you when it comes to move in and living comfortably in your new home!

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